Why your ageing furnace needs to be replaced now

Upgrading to a high efficiency furnace will put money into your pocket over the long term, while keeping your home warm with even, steady temperatures.

“The variable speed technology and modulating gas valves give all rooms the same temperature,” says Frank Cullen, owner of Cullen Heating in Oshawa, whose company has been serving Durham homeowners since 1985.

Current rebates available through the Enbridge Gas Home Energy Conservation program can put money back into the homeowner’s wallet, while energy costs to run the furnace will be reduced by up to 45 per cent. When properly maintained with annual checks and regular filter changes, a new high efficiency furnace will last longer and offer lifetime savings and peace of mind.

It’s best to be proactive and upgrade your old furnace while it’s still running, rather than wait until a problem with ageing results in it breaking down without warning, or being red-tagged during an inspection as unsafe to operate, says Mr. Cullen. A cracked heat exchanger can lead to carbon monoxide in household air, which can be fatal.

Planning the purchase of a new furnace means you can take the time to consider your options and “you’re not in a panic,” adds Mr. Cullen.

Customers whose furnaces have been red-tagged always wish they’d upgraded to a new furnace earlier, adds Mr. Cullen. “The savings are there,” he says. “It’s safety first. Why would you gamble?”

Built-in safety features in high efficiency furnaces mean an automatic shutdown if there are problems. New heat exchangers have a lifetime warranty, and the high efficiency furnace is pre-wired for air cleaners and humidifiers. Air flow is induced and regulated, which improves the furnace’s efficiency, making combustion a safer process. Electronic ignition technology eliminates the use of a pilot, meaning the furnace’s electronic spark ignition only engages when the furnace is activated. With no pilot, you save on wasted energy.

Once the new furnace is installed, its high-tech sound-absorbing materials means operating noise will be almost non-existent, and it will run quietly. The upgraded furnace eliminates the need for a chimney, and improves the resale value of your home.

It’s important to choose a contractor who’s registered for government rebates, such as Cullen Heating. The proper installation of the equipment is critical to ensure the furnace operates at peak capabilities, and Cullen Heating offers experienced, expert installation crews.

Cullen Heating & Air Conditioning provides a full range of residential services for your home comfort, including custom ductwork, supply and installation of water heaters, and heat pumps.

Call Cullen Heating & Air Conditioning at 905-725-9731, or schedule an appointment online.

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