How to plan the purchase of your new gas furnace or fireplace insert

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When the coldest temperatures of winter arrive, you’ll want to be sure your home heating system is in top shape, whether you’re considering a new furnace or a gas fireplace.

If this is the year to replace your old furnace with a new, high-efficiency model, don’t wait until it breaks down, or until it’s red-tagged as unsafe to operate. Planning the purchase means you can take time to consider your options, says Frank Cullen, owner of Cullen Heating and Air Conditioning in Oshawa and Port Perry.

He notes government rebates on new furnace purchases are expected to change at the end of October, and upgrading early is the wisest choice, before the coldest part of winter puts stress and strain on your current system.

“In autumn, and in the weeks leading up to Christmas, many of our customers are choosing to upgrade to high-efficiency furnaces,” says Cullen. “The savings on your heating bill put more money into your pocket over the long term.”

Upgrading your furnace means you’ll reap the benefits of the latest heating technology, too.

Variable speed technology and modulating gas valves in new furnaces give all rooms the same temperature, creating a warm and comfortable home. Heat exchangers have a lifetime warranty, and your new furnace will be pre-wired for air cleaners and humidifiers. Electronic ignition technology eliminates the use of a pilot, so the furnace’s electronic spark ignition engages only when the furnace is activated. With no pilot, wasted energy is eliminated, further saving you money.

With a business primarily built on customer referrals, Cullen gives new customers a booklet of 50 or more recent reviews from other customers and offers them a 10-year parts and labour warranty.

The expert installation crews at Cullen know the installation of the new equipment is a crucial factor in its performance, and the job begins with an assessment of the homeowner’s needs by looking at the current equipment and the size of the house. It will take approximately four to six hours to install the new furnace, and in cold weather installation crews will bring in heaters to keep the house warm while they work.

With winter around the corner, many homeowners also choose to convert wood-burning fireplaces to gas fireplaces with an insert. Conversion to an energy-efficient gas fireplace means you’ll stop losing heat through the chimney, and Cullen notes that if there’s a power outage, there will still be a reliable source of heating in the home.

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