Cullen Heating & Air

Comfort with Confidence

Standard Features

1. Variable-speed blower motor with Comfort-R (Ultimate models)

Operates at a lower, more efficient speed than conventional blower motors. With American Standard’s exclusive Comfort-R feature, there is greater humidity control during cooling.

Multi-speed blower motor (Premium and Contemporary models)

Operates quietly and efficiently, gently warming and maintaining comfort. It also provides consistent air circulation during cooling.

2. Integrated AccuClean technology (select Ultimate models)

Advanced clean air technology built into the cabinet of your furnace for space-saving convenience and a healthier home. It also helps your furnace work more efficiently and last longer by protecting key components from dirt and dust.

3. Two-stage gas valve (Ultimate and select Premium models)

Results in greater efficiency by providing just the right amount of fuel for each stage.

4. Induced draft venting

Quietly draws hot gases through the heat exchanger, maximizing the heat transfer efficiencies of the exchanger design.

5. Multi-port in-short burners

Perfectly shape the flame cone to maximize heating while using less fuel.

6. Adaptive hot surface silicon nitride igniter

Starts burner electronically for safe, efficient operation – eliminating the need for a fuel-burning pilot light.

7. Aluminized steel primary heat exchanger

Crimped, not welded, to prevent cracks from heat stress. Stamped serpentine channel offers the greatest efficiency in less space. Backed by our lifetime limited warranty.

8. Stainless steel secondary heat exchanger

Captures more of the heat you pay for.

9. Heavy steel insulated cabinet

Holds more heat in the furnace to better warm your home. Also ensures greater durability and quieter operation.

10. Self-diagnostic controls

Manage every function with digital accuracy. Includes safety features and a built-in troubleshooting system.

11. Sound-insulated blower compartment

Ensures the quietest possible operation.

12. 100% fresh air option

Uses 100% outdoor air for combustion to increase equipment life and provide cleaner air.

13. Dual door latches (upflow models only)

Provide quick access to AccuClean technology collection cells for cleaning and allow easy replacement on models with standard filter applications.

Cleanable filter (select Ultimate and Premium models)

Means you can rinse or vacuum it without buying replacements each time. (Not shown)