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What You Should Know About Indoor Air Quality


What you see is only a very small amount. What you don’t see can hurt you.

Visible dust makes up only 1% of all the particles in the air. Many more unseen particles float in the air currents inside your home. Particles sized less than 1 micron can gain the easiest entry to your body and place the biggest burden on its defense system.

How a Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner Works

Two-stage electrostatic precipitation electrically charges air particles to create an effective method for capturing airborne contaminants.

Stage 1 : Charging Section

  • Most large particles are caught on the prefilter screen.
  • Smaller particles flow through the screen to the first section of the air cleaner cell, where they pass through a series of high-voltage ionizing wires – more than 8,000 volts – and become electrically charged.

Stage 2: Collector Section

  • Charged particles advance through the cell to the collecting section.
  • The charged particles are attracted like magnets to a series of oppositely charged collector plates.
  • Electronically filtered air is circulated back into your home.